Where in the world is WPF?

Subtly and quietly, Microsoft has been removing WPF resources from the MSDN site.  If you click on the link that used to take you to the WPF home, you will be directed to the general Visual Studio .Net Framework home.

WinForms has been a thorn in Microsoft’s side for a while and it would appear that they want to remove the WPF thorn as quickly as possible.  It’s a shame, really, WPF has some really good qualities.

What’s next?  HTML5, CSS and Javascript (oops, I meant TypeScript).  So it’s time to hop on the next bandwagon.

I can’t really complain though.  If you look at something like Java/Swing/AWT/JavaFX, Oracle can’t pull it all together fast enough.  Sure the toolsets have really improved, but the base product itself (the libraries) just aren’t up to snuff.

That’s my two cents worth.

Happy Coding!


About JohnHowell

I am a professional software developer with over 20 years of experience. I currently specialize in Microsoft technologies such as VS, TFS, C#, VB.Net, WCF, WPF, WW, etc.
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