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Just 58 more days…

Just 58 more days until the 2008 Global Launch Wave! Windows Server 2008 Visual Studio 2008 SQL Server 2008 Just like a belated Christmas!  So many toys in each!  It’s going to shake up the computing world! Happy Coding!   … Continue reading

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Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 RC2

Be forewarned people!  Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 RC2 is apparently on its way out.  I just tried to look at the COM API for VS05 and it is NOT to be found!!!  Virtualization is going to be built-in to Microsoft … Continue reading

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Windows Live Platform

Microsoft doesn’t always communicate their visions clearly (take .Net for instance).  The Microsoft Live Platform is another one of Microsoft’s great visions that encompass so much that it’s difficult to understand it in its entirety.   There is just so much … Continue reading

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A better way to do Singletons

In a recent class I was taking, Jeffery Richter was teaching another class next door.  My instructor was commenting on how good Jeffery’s Threading class was.  And one of the things he shared from that class was about Singleton initialization.   … Continue reading

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