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C# v/s VB.Net

  OK, I know the flames will come, but let me preface this with the words "this is my experience and opinion".  The debate that has raged between the camps of C# and VB.Net has been at times vicious and … Continue reading

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Google Groups search v/s MS Forums search

  I know many of you, like I did, used the Google Groups search to search then MSN forums and postings.  The old MSN forums UI and search was slow and clunky at best.  Well, MS listened and has updated … Continue reading

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Longhorn Server ready for widespread Beta

  We’ve been waiting quite a while for this version.  But some of the features we had been wanted have been moved to a later version.  Still, .Net 3.0, powershell, AD enhancements and more make this release one to watch.

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  Finally the wait is almost over!  XAML for the web!  We finally have something that can unseat HTML and give us a real way to delivery great user experiences across the web!  Check it out!

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Finally, real web development progress!

Microsoft has given a go-to-market name for its cross-platform, cross-browser plug-in for delivering the next generation of user experiences and rich Internet applications for the Web. The technology formerly known as WPF/E is now known as Silverlight. Finally we’ll have … Continue reading


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Orcas Beta due out soon

This means it getting closer.   Here’s a quick news flash and here are some tidbits of what’s changed.  Not to mention C# 3.0!

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Welcome to the new location!

Welcome to the new ".Net Code Space" blog formerly of http:\  I’ll do my best to catch up on all the wild things that have been going on in the .Net and Windows world as well as continue with the … Continue reading

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This blog is on the Move!

My apologies to everyone for the black out period, but “I’M BACK!”. And to make it even better, this blog is moving! I’ll keep this older blog here for the archives, but the new site will be’s going to … Continue reading

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