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Another note about removing VS2008 Beta

Just one more note about removing/recovering from VS2008 Beta.  if you had installed the VSTS Explorer while you had the beta installed, you may have to uninstall everything to do with VS and rebooting before you can recover.  One of … Continue reading

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Adding my space to your space

  I’ve gotten numerous requests to add my space to other people’s spaces.  If you have a valid relevent request and you get denied, please send me a message or email and I will review your request.  Sorry to be … Continue reading

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Hug a developer…

  Ok, you people know I don’t normally do this, but ANYONE who’s been doing development for any real length of time knows this video is spot on.   Happy Coding.  

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VS2008 Beta SP1 removal

  Many of us jumped on the VS2k8 beta just as soon as we could.  And the outcome is that we have another great release of VS.  The problem is that on some machines, getting that beta off can be, … Continue reading

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