Silverlight Toolkit November 2008 on CodePlex

I’ve kept my trap shut about this for a while (it was posted October 28th) because I wanted to see exactly what it was about and also to see if my opinions were a bit off from everyone else’s.  It’s been out for a couple of weeks now so I feel I can comment without going into too much detail.

I was really REALLY looking forward to seeing what the SL bunch posted for this Toolkit.  I was hoping for many gadgets that all developers need to build real LOB Web Apps quickly.  I just have to admit that I was a bit dissappointed.

Don’t get me wrong, the toolkit that they published was more stable and a bit more polished that I had expected but yet, it contained only a fraction of what I was hoping for.

The build contains a TreeView (nicely done with some unexpected features), a DockPanel (a little confusing if you want dynamic docking but good to have), a WrapPanel (I’m still trying to decide why effort went into this one), a ViewBox (this will be great for resizing but only if you have images, doh!), a label (WTH??? Just tell me why?) and a few others I won’t even go into.

Decent quality code, but several seem like a waste of time and effort.  I still don’t understand why there wasn’t a HUGE effort to create a great GRID control!?!?!?!?!?  The ‘Grid’ (if you even want to call it that) in SL2 is just an HTML table with no features.  A grid is the one if the first things I grab out of the toolbox when I’m creating LOB apps.

So, I’m at a quandry whether to recommend it or not.  It’s definitely worth looking at the code but as for relying on it for one of your ‘at-your-fingertips-tools’, I dunno.  Email me what you think.

Happy Coding.


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