X A M L – the transition has begun!

You readers know how much I believe in XAML and libraries such as Silverlight.  People are really latching on to these display platforms and doing amazing thing!  Now we have companies that are starting to offer conversion tools that convert from SWF & Illustrator to XAML!   Debreuil Digital Works has put together a tool called The Converted which converts SWF to XAML.  It converts vector-based animations and sound into corresponding XAML code.  It does not convert the ActionScript events or the embedded video (yet?).  It sells for $249 and a ‘watermark’ trial version can be downloaded as well.

Last year Mike Swanson created SWF2XAML that converts visual but not audio.  He also has a managed plug-in that converts Illustrator to XAML.

The tide is finally starting to turn.  Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Happy Coding!


About JohnHowell

I am a professional software developer with over 20 years of experience. I currently specialize in Microsoft technologies such as VS, TFS, C#, VB.Net, WCF, WPF, WW, etc.
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