Responding to posts v/s Captcha

It’s become a sad state of affairs when technology works so hard to prevent malicious posting that it actually gets in the way of people and progress.  Take Captcha (please).  I respond to posts and every time there is a Captcha requirement, I have to click refresh multiple times before I can get a readable display that I can use. On more than a few occasions, I will refresh a few times and then just lose my patience and close my window abandoning my reply.

This is not to say I have a problem with preventing those out there who seem hell bent on posting garbage everywhere and pretty much ruining everyone’s day.  However, when a blog or web reply already has a user review requirement, the maximum strength Captcha is way overkill.  It’s pretty much a message to users saying “I don’t really want you to respond”.

We developers need to find a way we can safely collaborate and share discussions without having to fight the technology that we’re using to facilitate it.

Happy Coding (and collaboration)

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Not so much fun with NuGet

NuGet was a great idea and addition to Visual Studio.  That said, it can be a notorious pain in the ‘you know where’.  Things like not being able to see packages, not being able to download new packages, InvalidOperationExceptions in the PowerShell window when working with NuGet packages are just a few of the problems you can (and probably will) run into when working with NuGet. 

I picked up a new laptop and installed VS 2010 Ultimate and crated a new MVC3 application project.  I wanted to use Ninject and opened the “Add Library Package Reference” and was greeted with this error:

There was an error while processing the request. Please verify that ‘’ is a valid feed.

I verified the settings in the Package Manager Settings and even changed the redirect to point to the Feed Service directly with no effect.  I also applied the recommended VS hotfix that was posted as a way to resolve the problem and that had no effect either.

I was able to manually force adding Ninject by going to the Package Manager Console (PowerShell) and doing the following command:

Install-Package Ninject.MVC3

But I’m the curious type so I couldn’t just let it go at that.  After some web surfing, I came across a tip to uninstall NuGet from VS (running as Admin) and then installing it directly from the CodePlex web site.   Bingo!  That did it!

This solution does point to some disparity between the Visual Studio install team and the Open Source community.  I hope this post helps someone else avoid wasting time searching.

Happy Coding!

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Finally IIF is coming to T-SQL!

After a long wait and many, many requests, the IIF function is finally coming to SQL Server 2012! If you aren’t familar with this function but yet you do use CASE statements, you’re going to love the IIF function.  Check out the MSDN entry and see!


Happy Coding!!

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Nice & Quick SQL Index Perf Intro

Ron Johnson did a very nice and very concise introduction to index performance and analysis that is very worth your time.  It is only an introduction but could still help someone out there fighting an index performance problem.

If you’re not a member of, it’s quick, easy and free to sign up so don’t let that deter you from reading the article!

Happy Coding!

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SCVMM 2012 is changing the game!

There are some major upgrades coming to System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012.  Paul did a good summary write up here.  Hyper-V 2012 is also going to get some major improvements that will put it far ahead of VMWare.  Check out Sean’s write up here.  Things are really changing in the VM world!

Happy (Virtual) Coding!

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SkyDrive Preview for Windows

The preview of the SkyDrive tool for Windows is now available!  Much easier to work with.  Finally!

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Microsoft Surface Announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just announced!  Microsoft Surface Tablet. 16:9, 1.5 lbs., magnesium case, 9.3 mm thick, beveled edges, full sized USB 2.0 port, Win8, works for all games in the new Windows Store, built in stand, display is 10.3 inches, Corning Gorilla Glass 2.0, cover is 3 mm with magnetic edge for attaching, THE COVER GOES FULL MULTICOVER KEYBOARD!

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